Successful completion of 32 credits of courses .
Students are also required to submit a written master's thesis completed under the supervision of a faculty member and pass an Oral Examination.

1. Length of Study: 2 to 4 years (4 semesters to 8 semesters)

2. Prescribed Credits for Master Degree: 32 credits .

3. If you want to take other institutes’ or colleges’ credits, we can count 6 (elective course) credits at most in the prescribed.

4. If you take other colleges’ credits which are taught by our institute professors, these can be counted in the prescribed credits. (elective course)

5. Foreign students are allowed to take courses within "The International faculty", but ONLY the courses that is taught in English. Chinese courses outside this institute can only take 6 credits at most in total, and those 6 credits are included in 32 credits.

6. Thesis Procedures:

Find an advisor -> Deliver the proposal of thesis -> Pass the comprehensive exam -> Apply and schedule the final oral exam in defense of thesis -> Pass the final oral exam in defense of thesis

(1) In the 3rd semester, students have to find an advisor to consul your thesis, deliver the proposal of thesis and pass the comprehensive exam.

(2) In the end of the 3rd semester, students should have acquired 36 credits.

(3) In the 4th semester, students have to apply and schedule the oral examination for your thesis.

(4) The oral defense will be held in June or Jan.

7. For those who take the Chinese courses (which will be included into total credits), please DO attend those classes, otherwise "Taiwan scholarship applicants" will be affected.

8. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask the office. We will do our best to help you.


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